About us

Huins Inc. develops Drone with state-of the-art technology in cooperation with commercial and military all over the world.
We specialize in developing and manufacturing advanced autonomous sensor
technologies for defense, and emergency management. By focusing on creating customer value for a broad of applications, our multipurpose technologies and products can be deployed in a range of situations, from relief work, military operation, environmental monitoring.
Huins has a broad range of experience in fields including computer and electrical engineering, video processing, digital video compression, telecommunications,
mechanical and mechatronic system design and software development as well as knowledge and expertise in robotics and image compression.


Huins Inc
Drone Technology


Attitude Estimation
turn, is used in the guidance and control algorithms. (Precise Hovering, Yawing, Turning mode) based on rate gyroscopes, accelerometer, magnetometer, GPS, airspeed and barometric pressure measurements. (Roll, Pitch, Yaw) (Latitude, Longtitude,Altitude)

Attitude control of a quadcopter
Blueye Drone includes altitude stabilization, hovering control any desired position and attitude control of quadcopter. Classically PD controller derived and applied to this system. Inverse dynamic control, feedback linearization control and sliding mode control methods have used to derive as nonlinear controllers.

Altitude Control
Stable altitude algorithm is applied to Blueye Drone using ultrasonic sensor, pressure sensor, GPS

Guidance and Control of an Autonomous
Blueye Drone includes both a low cost inertial measurement unit, a GPS receiver, a triad of magnetometers to generate a navigation solution (position, velocity and attitude estimation) which, in turn, is used in the guidance and control algorithms. (Precise Hovering, Yawing, Turning mode)



EO/Thermal Imaging Camera Technology