Blueye - 1K  For Aerial Photography           



  • Lightweight, 1.2Kg
  • WiFi Remote Controller
  • Easy to Fly, Intelligent Flight System
  • Live full HD 1080p Video
  • WiFi Remote Controller ​

  • ■ Overview

    · Blueye-1K is a lightweight Quadcopter for aerial photography.

    · The Blueye®-1K with 1.2Kg is a light weight drone designed for aerial photography. 




    ■ Specifications


    Auto Path Planning

    Realtime Video


    Flight Control

    Mission Planner

    Flight Speed

    50Km/h (31.08 mph)

    Flight Control

    Blueye FC

    Maximum Altitude

    100m (328 ft.)


    32-bit ARM Cortex M4

    Flight Range

    16Km (9.94 m.)

    Mission Planner


    Payload Capacity

    200g (0.44 lbs.)

    Path Planning

    Real-time Path Planning

    Flight Duration

    up to 25min. w/payload


    Wi-Fi 2Km, LTE 2~500Km


    1080p 60frs,
    2M pixel Video 12M pixel still image


    21cm (8.26 in.)


    16-bit gyroscope Accelerometer, Magnetometer

    Motor-to-motor Dimension

    33cm (12.9 in.)


    Lithium polymer, 5700mAh, 11.1Vdc


    920kv, Motor, two ccw rotating motors, two ccw rotating motor

    Headwind Limitation

    10m/s (22.37mph)


    24.1cm X 11.43cm (9.5 in. X 4.5 in.)

    Crosswind Limitation

    10m/s (22.37mph)

    Weight with Battery

    1.2Kg (2.90 lbs.)

    Operating Temperature

    0˚~45˚C (32˚F~113˚F)



    (rechargeable lithium polymer battery)

    Operating Relative Humidity

    0%~85% RH



    ■ Features


    Real-time Full HD 1080p Video Recording

    Blueye-1K is now available with embedded camera module, delivers real-time full HD video. The built in Full HD camera are tuned to capture pictures and videos from the sky.​


    High-Definition Camera

    Shoot up Full HD video and capture 1920x1080 (60fps) photos with the Blueye-1K camera.1080p60 video is recording to Tablet through Long-range WiFi network. time H.264BP/MP/HP video encode or decode.
    The device provides a full set of video preprocessing and postprocessing functions to ensure the best video quality. The low power consumption and high performance of the device makes it particularly suitable for portable and automotive applications. The 1080p60 camera is uniquely capable of running the Fourth-Generation Motion-Compensated Noise Filtering technology. The 1080p60 video is recording to Tablet through Long-range WiFi network.​​


    Auto Flight, Waypoint
    The most advanced technology in Drone is mission planning. Blueye-1K makes immaculate and a route and destination planner for your drone. Navigation allows the drone to fly on its own with it’s flying destination or points preplanned and configured into the drone remote control navigational software. This instructs the drone where to fly; at what height; the speed to fly at and it can also be configured to hover at each waypoint. It is a route and destination planner for your drone.​    



    12MP Professional Camera                          
    For professional, you can install iLook+ or GoPro4 under Blueye-1K effects. All make aerial shooting more appealing.
    with remarkable image quality. Full HD camera not only builds small , its professional-level camera performance is more
    amazing. Equipped with a professional sports image processor and 3~12 million pixel image sensor, it can get clear and bright, color-rich images either taking a picture or making a video. 150° super wide-angle camera lens gives the user more angles to shoot, and obtain more powerful effects. All make aerial shooting more appealing.​


    150° wide-angle lens with ultra- wide viewing angle.                        
    Capture a variety of great shots, to bring you a stunning visual experience.


    F2.8 large aperture, 150° super wide-angle


    Failsafe Return to Home
    If the drone looses contact with the RC transmitter, it will land automatically, indicated by a blinking yellow status LED. If it looses RC signal during a mission, it will return to the launch point before landing. In a case of loss of control signal, the Blueye Drone will automatically return to its starting by safe landing. Turn on the return home switch and the BE-1K returns to the place where it took off. 


    Large aperture clear night shoot.

    Night shooting is no longer a problem; clearly shoot various of gorgeous views.




    Flight time of up to 25 minutes

    High performance 5700mAh LiPo Smart battery pack offers flight time up to 20 minutes. When in flight, your remaining battery is shown in live, letting you know how long you can continue to fly.​                        


    Embedded GPS with Flight Map Control                           

    Accurate GPS localization : around 2meters with the GNSS chip.                                           



    GPS Position Hold 
    New GPS flight control system, featuring more accurate flight and GPS position hold.