Blueye - 6K Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Intelligence Drone

  • Lightweight, 6Kg
  • WiFi /LTE Remote Controller
  • Flight Duration 40min.
  • 12 Megapixel Photo Camera
  • Integrated 3-Axis Stabilization
  • Easy to Fly, Intelligent Flight System
  • Live full HD 1080p Video
  • Thermal Imaging Camera

  • ■ Overview

    · Portable Easy To Use : Blueye-6K is designed to be folded down for easy transportation. control and remote viewing stations. applications requiring low-altitude surveillance and reconnaissance, intelligence.
    · Blueye-6K is a ruggedized VTOL system designed to capture and transmit high quality digital video
    · Blueye-6K adopts a system that integrates a wide range of technologies involving: communication, control, sensing,image processing and networking.
    · Blueye-6K can be operated manually or programmed for autonomous operation, utilizing the system's advanced avionics and precise GPS navigation.
    · Blueye-6K provides aerial observation, day or night, at line-of-sight ranges up to 2 kilometers. Blueye-6K, now available with an optional stabilized gimbaled payload, delivers real-time color or infrared imagery to the ground control and remote viewing stations.               

    Blueye Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Intelligence Flight Speed 60km/h
    Features Auto path plannning
    Realtime Video Recording
    Flight Control
    Mission Planner
    Flight Range 30km
    Mission Planner Waypoint Flight Duration 40 min. w/payload
    Path Planning Real-Time Path Planning DataLink Wi-Fi 2km, LTE 2~500Km
    Payload 1Kg Weight 6kg
    Video 1080p, 2M pixel Video
    12M pixel still image
    Sensors 16-bit gyroscope Accelerometer, magnetometer
    Processor 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 core
    ARM Cortex AP
    Power Battery : 10000mAh*3
    All peripheral outputs over-current protected,
    all inputs ESC protected

    ■ Block Diagram

    ■ Features

    High-definition video recording : 2M pixel, 12.0MP still image resolution
    With the Blueye Drone with a 12 megapixel "fisheye" camera, You can get high-quality video at up 30 frames per second and capturing 12 megapixel photos. The Blueye Drone records videos and takes pictures within a 180° field of view with remarkable image quality (1080p 2M video pixel, 12M pixel pictures). It is included full-digital image stabilization technology.

    Live 1080p Full HD Vide
    Connect your tablet and you can get very good HD view 1080p as you fly is displayed live

    Drone Waypoint GPS Navigation is advanced technology. It is very useful both today.Waypoint GPS Navigation allows a drone to fly on its own with it’s flying destination or points preplanned and configured into the drone remote control navigational software. This instructs the drone where to fly; at what height; the speed to fly at and it can also be configured to hover at each waypoint. It is a route and destination planner for your drone.

    Blueye will be safe because it is designed to prevent a crash in the event of an unsafe situation.
    Blueye include GPS failsafe, Battery Failsafe

    Return to Home
    If the drone looses contact with the RC transmitter, it will land automatically, indicated by a blinking yellow status LED.
    If it looses RC signal during a mission, it will return to the launch point before landing.

    Drone Safety
    Drones can be hazardous if operated incorrectly.
    Be sure that you need to learn how to operate.

    Wi-Fi connection: 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 802.11 network.

    RC Transmitter : powerful 2.4 GHz radio
    ·Encoding PCM 9 channel and 8 channel PPM PPM (2.4Ghz).
    ·8 model memories internally with possibility to change their name.
    ·167x34mm LCD 8 lines, 22 characters with adjustable contrast.
    ·Doubles deflections (D / R) and a timer.
    ·Easy access to international grouped on the front.

    ■ GCS (Ground Control System)


    • Flight Connect
    • Flight Control
    • Setting
    Mission Control &
Way Point Setting

    Mission Control & Way Point Setting

    • Automatic Path Planning
    • Way Point upload
    • Mission Execution
    Flight Manager

    Flight Manager

    • Flight Information
    • Flight Control
    • Maximum setting
    • Max. vertical speed : 0.5m/s ~2.5m/s
    • Ma. Rotation speed : 50~200°C
    • Calibration : magnetometer calibration
    Video Recording

    Video Recording

    • 1080p Full HD Video

    ■ GCS Function Menu

    • Camera
    • Home
    • Parachute
    • Take-Off
    • Landing
    • Gimbal
    • RTL
    • Reception
    • Lock
    • Release

    ■ Blueye CGS & RC Trasmmitter