Blueye-LTE Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Intelligence Drone

  • Lightweight, 1.2Kg
  • Integrated 3-Axis Stabilization
  • Payload 200g
  • Easy to Fly, Intelligent Flight System
  • Live full HD 1080p Video
  • LTE Remote Controller
  • ■ Overview

    ·Blueye-LTE transmits Full HD video provided by internal camera module over the LTE network in real time.
    ·Blueye-LTE can get videos and be controlled from 20Km distance with the LTE network.
    ·Blueye-LTE supports encoding and decoding about live transmitted H.264BP/MPEG-4 video.
    ·Blueye-LTE is available for automatic flight at a specified path or destination and is controlled wireless through the navigation software.
    ·New flight control system based on GPS makes the drone to be available for precise and hovering fight.

    Flight Speed 50km/h
    Flight Range 50km
    Flight Duration 25 min. w/payload
    DataLink LTE
    Camera 카메라 이미지 EO Camera : FHD 1920 X 1080(30XZoom)

    ■ Features

    Real-time Full HD 1080p Video Recording
    Blueye-1K is now available with embedded camera module, delivers real-time full HD video. The built in Full HD camera are tuned to capture pictures and videos from the sky.

    High-Definition Camera
    Shoot up Full HD video and capture 1920x1080 (60fps) photos with the Blueye-1K camera. 1080p60 video is recording to Tablet through Long-range WiFi network. time H.264BP/MP/HP video encode or decode. The device provides a full set of video preprocessing and postprocessing functions to ensure the best video quality. The low power consumption and high performance of the device makes it particularly suitable for portable and automotive applications. The 1080p60 camera is uniquely capable of running the Fourth-Generation Motion-Compensated Noise Filtering technology. The 1080p60 video is recording to Tablet through Long-range WiFi network.

    Auto Flight, Waypoint
    The most advanced technology in Drone is mission planning. Blueye-1K makes immaculate and a route and destination planner for your drone. Navigation allows the drone to fly on its own with it’s flying destination or points preplanned and configured into the drone remote control navigational software. This instructs the drone where to fly; at what height; the speed to fly at and it can also be configured to hover at each waypoint. It is a route and destination planner for your drone.

    12MP Professional Camera
    For professional, you can install iLook+ or GoPro4 under Blueye-1K effects. All make aerial shooting more appealing. with remarkable image quality. Full HD camera not only builds small , its professional-level camera performance is more amazing. Equipped with a professional sports image processor and 3~12 million pixel image sensor, it can get clear and bright, color-rich images either taking a picture or making a video. 150° super wide-angle camera lens gives the user more angles to shoot, and obtain more powerful effects. All make aerial shooting more appealing.