Blueye-Police Police drone for finding the missing

  • Flight Duration 40min
  • Flight range 2Km
  • EO/IR Camera, Lidar sensor loaded
  • Obstacle Collision Avoidance
  • Encrypted images when transmitting and receiving
  • Software loaded for searching for the missing
  • ■ Overview

    ·Blueye- Police is the latest drone which is chosen by the National Police Agency.
    ·Police drone for prompt detection of the missing at inaccessible places such as mountains and cliffs.
    ·Available for day and night searching by EO/IR Camera.
    ·Blueye-Police can secure the golden time for the relief of the missing and reduce manpower cost involved in searching.
    ·Loaded with precise search function at a suspected area after a wide area searching.
    ·Automatic takeoff and landing capabilities and optimized flight of a specified path.
    ·Loaded with shock reducing and safety device in case of crash.

    Flight Speed 50km/h
    Flignt Range 50km
    Flight Duration 40 min. w/payload
    Data Link Wi-Fi 2km, LTE 2~50km
    Camera 카메라 이미지
    EO Camera
    : UHD 3840 X 2160 (1XZoom)
    : FHD 1920 X 1080 (30XZoom)

    police image

    ■ GCS (Ground Control System)

    bluete911 image


    • Flight Connect
    • Flight Control
    • Setting
    bluete911 image

    Mission Control & Way Point Setting

    • Automatic Path Planning
    • Way Point upload
    • Mission Execution
    bluete911 image

    Flight Manager

    • Flight Information
    • Flight Control
    • Maximum Setting
    • Max. vertical speed : 0.5m/s ~2.5m/s
    • Ma. Rotation speed : 50~200°C
    • Calibration : magnetometer calibration
    bluete911 image

    Video Recording

    • 1080p Full HD Video